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凤凰体育注册Start a next generation auction website with our Auction Portal . While internet becoming huge the possibilities are getting bigger, there is huge gap between the people & new niches that can be tapped. EifaSoft Technologies has extensive experience in Auction web design & development / building Auction websites. We create custom software to match the needs of each specific portal. Run your own powerful auction service, including full bidding and buy it now auctions, and earn revenue with each auction posted.

Our Auction portal is the next generation e-auction portal software. With this product any non-technical person can launch an auction portal and maintain it. Its powerful admin controls, communication features let you run the website effectively. It's fully customizable design makes it to more easy to personalize.

Auction portal is a real-time feature packed software that provides a trusted buying or selling environment. It is a highly-configurable and fully fledged auction software solution in the highly-competitive on-line auction portal markets.

Our Auction is the 3 tier – MVC - PHP Auction Script Software built with the sole aim to ease the auction management. We are the world leader in providing the best auction scripts. It grew exponentially from a small start up to a major force to be reckoned with, all in the span of a few years. It acts as a bridge between the buyers and sellers offering comprehensive business solutions across the globe as it is professionally designed and programmed for you.

Using our vast and in-depth industry knowledge, service-offering expertise and technology capabilities, we identify new business and technology trends and develop solutions to help clients around the world. Being built with templates it is easy to manage and no specific deeper technical skill is needed to run your auction site.

凤凰体育注册Our Auction portal supports two kinds of auction

Penny Auctions

A bidding fee auction, also called a penny auction, is a type of all-pay auction in which participants must pay a non-refundable fee to place a small incremental bid. When time expires, the last participant to have placed a bid wins the item and also pays the final bid price, which is usually significantly lower than the retail price of the item.

凤凰体育注册The auctioneer receives income both in the form of the fees collected for each bid and in the form of payment for the winning bid.

How it works

Participants pay a non-refundable fee to purchase bids. Bidding on an auction raises the cost of the item by a fixed amount and typically also extends the deadline of the auction. The game is a brinkmanship game: each successive bid lowers the value of the reward, and the last player to decide to place a bid and lower the value of the reward wins that reward.

Once the auction is over, the auctioneer collects the final cost of the item in addition to the monies already collected by selling bids.

凤凰体育注册Bids typically cost between 0.10 USD and 1.50 GBP depending on the web site and the number of bids one purchases at a time. Each bid increases the price of the item by 0.01 USD (1¢) or 0.01 GBP (1p), and extends the time of the auction by a few seconds.

Normal Auctions

凤凰体育注册The normal auction are the similar kind of auction that u have seen so far on the eBay other well-known portals. Where bidders try to bid out other bidders with more and bigger bids and win the product. The normal auction portal owner charges some nominal fees and commission on all auction placed by sellers... It is best place for people selling off new – old and refurbished goods.

Our auction portal comes with one more auction attached to normal auction

Fixed Price ('Buy it Now') Auctions

Buy it Now auctions can work in one of two ways. You can add a Buy it Now button to a normal auction, meaning that buyers can choose either to bid normally or to simply pay the asking price and avoid the whole bidding process. Some sellers, though, now cut out the auction process altogether and simply list all their items at fixed price. This lets you avoid all the complications of the auction format and simply list your items for how much you want them to sell for.

Along with this normal auction comes a feature of making offer... With this feature - buyers can make negotiating offers to sellers and can purchase products at cheaper rates...

凤凰体育注册The following are the features and modules supported by our Online Auction Portal:

Features :
Front End :

  • Search by body style, Quick and Advanced Search.
  • Facility to post Advertisement.
  • Standard listing and Priority listing of Advertisement.
  • Facility for viewing advertisement in List view and Photo view.
  • Facility to further filter the search using more precise searching parameters.
  • Classification of automobiles based on automobile type, make/model, price, mileage, new/used and class.
  • Finding your posted Ad: The user will be asked to enter the phone number Based on the phone number the corresponding Ad will be searched and displayed. Instead of phone number any other entry can be kept.
  • In Value finder you can fine cars according to value i.e. high, medium or low by giving in the details of make, model, year etc.
  • Saving Advertisement With every Ad you see, there will be an option of saving the Ad by clicking on the save Ad link you can save the Ad for future reference. When you reopen the portal, and select saved Ad module you will all the Ads which you saved.
  • Finding dealer: Enlists all the dealers who have registered on the portal along with their location, address contact details. Link to dealers website and to see the dealer on the maps are also provided.
  • Ad center Locator: This enlists the centers with address and contact details where you can post ads and the potential buyer can visit and look for the automobile he can buy. This is based on the region, so user will have to enter the region first of all.
  • Events calendar: Fill in the start and stop date, select region and enter keyword. It will enlist any new events that are due related to your keyword and in your region.
  • Dealer Services: This includes a sign up form for the dealer. It registers the dealer on the portal. The dealers can be chosen on the basis of the initial alphabet.
  • Contact us: The visitor's will be able to view the contact details of different branches of the portal.
  • Fraud bulletin: It contains one static page regarding guidelines on how to select car, dealer etc and prevent oneself from frauds.

Member End :
Private seller End :

凤凰体育注册Private Seller End is a separate section for private seller to manage their own advertisement. They will have facility for managing their profile and advertisements.

  • Manage Profile – e.g. Change in contact details
  • Manage Posted Ads – e.g. Edit , Promote Ad
  • Allow edit the price and the contact details and description but not change make and model.
  • Private seller not allowed changing make and model for ad after posted, changes only changed by admin.

Dealers End :

凤凰体育注册Dealers End is a separate section for managing bulk quantity advertisements. They will have facility to manage multiple ads.

  • Manage dealer profile – e.g. Logo, change in address
  • Manage multiple Ads – e.g. Add, Edit, Delete and Promote Ads.

Admin End :

  • Managing Advertisement banners at multiple location on the page.
  • Manage users. Users can be admin, managers, private seller and dealer.
  • Manage advertisement.
  • Admin manage different features such as add, modify, delete, activate, deactivate, Promote, and check status.
  • Facility for managing all the master modules.
  • Facility to view both private seller Transaction and dealer transaction.
  • Facility for generating reports – e.g. total no of all kinds of ads published in the current month, quarter, and year.

Modules :
Front End :
Search Module

  • Search by body style.
  • Quick Search Module
  • Advanced Search Module
  • Filter Search Module

Mega Menu Module
Tools Module

  • Find my Ad Module
  • Value finder Module
  • Saved Ad Module
  • Dealer finder Module
  • Ad center Locator Module

Events calendar Module
Member End:
Private Seller End:

  • Manage Profile Module
  • Manage posted Advertisement Module
  • Limited changes only for ad to price and description only but not to make and model.

Dealer End :

  • Manage Dealer Profile Module
  • Dealer Advertisement Module

Login Module :

  • Member Login Module
  • Change Password Module
  • Forgot Password Module

Admin End :
Master Management Module :

Location Masters

  • Province Master
  • Region Master
  • Proximity Master
  • POST CODE Master

凤凰体育注册For search by distance user will provide their post code to define their location and choose either of a certain distance e.g. within 10 Miles, 20 Miles … etc or National which is any distance, Admin should be able to insert Post Code Database into the portal {Post Code database will be attached} there is regular update to the Post Code database so admin should be able to insert newly post code database to the portal.

Automobile Master

  • Automobile Category Master
  • Price Master
  • Make / Brand Master
  • Mileage Master
  • Model Master
  • Class Master

Features Master

  • Feature Group Master
  • Feature Attribute Master

Advertisement Type Master

  • Banner Type Master
  • Seller / Dealer Advertisement Master

Contact Us Master

Cross Link Master

  • Automobile Type – Make – Model Master
  • Automobile Type – Mileage Master
  • Automobile Type – Price Master
  • Automobile Type – Class Master
  • Automobile Type – Feature Group Master

CMS Module :

  • Footer Menu builder
  • Article Builder
  • File manager

Transaction Module:

  • Dealer Transactions Management Module
  • Seller Transactions Management Module
  • Allow admin to build and Control Listing Plans
  • - Plan Type: Single Listing Packages (Private Seller) Allow Admin to make different plans for private seller to set a Price and days limit for ad Expiry.
  • - Plan Type : Multi Listing Packages (Trader) Allow Admin to make different plans Multi Listing Packages for Traders to set prices and number of listing with no Expiry limit for Traders Ads and allow Traders to upgrade plan.

Advertisement Management Module:

  • Banner Management Module
  • Seller / Dealer Advertisement Module

User Management Module:

  • Staff User Management Module
  • Seller / Dealer User Management Module

General Settings Module :

Reporting Module:

  • Total Advertisement – week / month / year
  • Total Searches and Most searched makes and models

Detailed Description of the Modules:
Front End:
Search module:

凤凰体育注册Quick / Basic search Module: Visitor has to choose from either of the options or both of them which are, used or new. There are two fields which need user entries. First is a field asking for keyword to be entered? It can be anything like make, model, year etc. (allow auto fill using Ajax for make and model) Second is asking for the user location. A state or a province or Post Code the most searches use post code to specify their location So user location is required then user specify distance of post code from distance list menu e.g. within 1 Mile , within 10 Miles etc… within 200 Miles or National. Default value for user location and distance list menu is {National}. Post code database will provide to you [User might enter post code and chose distance or enter a county or a city] Based on these values, search operation will be conducted.

凤凰体育注册Advanced search Module: Along with the key words, advanced search allows you to filter your search to a further extent. You can choose make, model, and year and even based on the mileage and kilometers as well. It will ask you whether to show photo, video which are available along with the car Ad.

Filter Search Module:

The search will be possible by entering:
Used / New
Engine Size

You can also the search results by further filtering it by selecting the range of year, price and the kilometers the vehicle has been driven.

凤凰体育注册Featured Search: you can also search the desired automobile based on the feature discussed below.

Condition of vehicle

  • Whether it is Used or New.
  • Category
  • Here category means the automobile type. E.g. car ,heavy vehicle, water boats etc.
  • Province

Find your desired vehicle in selected province. E.g. Ontario The default value is National which is all places unless changed by user for specific location e.g. Birmingham or Post Code. Click in text field to change location will auto delete the default value


Based on the province selected, the list of cities of that particular province or Post Code will be displayed. You can choose city of your choice. E.g. Toronto


Shows the current car company selected. You can change the selection of the company. e.g. BMW


凤凰体育注册Different model from the selected. E.g. 3 series


Allow filtering the search by selecting the color from the available options.

Body style

Allows to select the car according to the style E.g. whether you want sedan, coupe, sports car etc.

  • Transmission
  • Type of seller
  • Allows searching according to the transmission i.e. automatic or manual.
  • One can select whether he wants to buy from a private seller or go to a dealer.


凤凰体育注册Engine Size



Post Free Ads Module:

Post Ads & Promote Ads

凤凰体育注册You can post your advertisement for selling your used car. After providing all the information regarding the car and the profile, you can preview your ad and move towards next step i.e. payments.

Here the customer can avail the premier services like, they can have a their promoted by priority listing or highlighting, so that when any one searches for that particular car/model, the highlighted car Ad will be differentiated from other Ads.

Highlighting is of different types :

Simple highlight : Here the Ad area will be highlighted with different color.

Highlight with photo : Makes your ad stand out with a background color along with a larger picture of the car when buyers mouse over the photo.

Advertisement Module

  • Advertisement Listing Module
  • Advertisement View Module
  • Priority Listing Module
  • List View
  • Standard Listing Module
  • Photo view

There are two types of the view:

List view

凤凰体育注册List view list all the Ads. The list view contains photo, model make and year, location and description about the vehicle. Photo view

It simply contains photographs of the type of vehicle you searched for. Clicking on the photo will display details of that particular car.

Types of listing:

Standard Listing: Here the Ad will be listed in the standard format with no added features. New Ads will keep on getting added in the list at the end.

Priority listing: This type listing provides you the facility of displaying your Ad on top of the list.

凤凰体育注册Detailed Listing: On clicking the particular Ad the complete detailed information about the particular vehicle along with the images will get displayed. Different kind of share points will also be displayed in detailed listing. E.g. like link for facebook page or follow on twitter.

凤凰体育注册Related Links Listing: Along with the detailed view there is related links section displaying the links related to search or the vehicle just selected.

Mega Menu Module : Mega Menu module helps in managing the facility of providing menu with corresponding menu items upon selecting or clicking a particular tab. Adding, removing or editing these menu items can be done.

Tools Module:

凤凰体育注册Find my Ad: The user will be asked to enter the phone number. e.g. Based on the phone number the corresponding Ad will be searched and displayed.

Value finder: You can fine cars according to value i.e. high, medium or low by selecting the details like make, model, year etc.

Saved Ad: With every Ad you see, there will be an option of saving the Ad. By clicking on the save Ad link you can save the Ad for future reference. When you reopen the portal, and select saved Ad module you will all the Ads which you saved.

Dealer finder: Enlists all the dealers who have registered on the portal along with their location, address contact details. Link to dealers website and to see the dealer on the maps are also provided search for dealer by post code or location.

Ad center Locator: This enlists the centers with address and contact details where you can post ads and the potential buyer can visit and look for the vehicle he can buy. As this is based on the region, so user will have to enter the region first of all.

凤凰体育注册Events calendar: By providing the range of date i.e. the start date and stop date, region and enter keyword, all the upcoming events in the date range will be enlisted.

Dealer Services: This includes a sign up form for the dealer. It registers the dealer on the portal. Contact us: The visitor's will be able to view the contact details of different branches of the portal. Fraud bulletin: It contains one static page regarding guidelines on how to select car, dealer etc and prevent oneself from frauds.

Contact Us Module:

  • Adding new contact information.
  • Editing contact information.
  • Removing contact information.

Customer Feedback Module:

Feedback Form : An HTML form will appear asking the visitor about their experience, review and suggestions. This feedback form will be saved and an HTML mail will be sent to the admin. E.g. the viewer is asked about the friendliness of the website or was it difficult to search the right vehicle etc.

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The features on the website below rival the best of the best and are constantly evolving to stay ahead of the curve.

Global Features

  • Site news New!
  • Completely dynamic, & Easy to manage from Admin
  • Custom develop your auction software
  • Pre - formatted Store Front Design Templates.
  • WYSIWYG Html Editor.
  • Fully Customizable Site Design and HTML.
  • Customizable Item Display.
  • Customized Product Search and site Browsing.
  • All Web Browser Compatibility.
  • Web based setup wizard.
  • Easy installation script. No editing of the php source files! Upload and install with easy.
  • Flexible template system allows you to easily change design.
  • Protection from Hackers.
  • Web based Administration tool.
  • Supports Multiple Payment Gateways.

Site News

凤凰体育注册The dashboard of AJ Auction Pro – OOPD 3.1, itself provides you many different features. Users can post their company NEWS or Latest Business Updates via the 'Site News' module


Customer can post their items in a Store to increase the view ability. Store schemes can be set by the administrator and the number of items in the store too can be decided. As an AJ Auction Pro - OOPD Store owner, seller has to pay the scheme fee corresponding to selected store level. Sellers get powerful and easy-to-use tools that enable them to develop their own brand and encourage buyers to purchase more.

EBay Feedback

凤凰体育注册Customer can view the posted item's sellers feedback with a valid ebay Id. Normally in AJ Auction Pro – OOPD, user can view the feedback from other AJ Auction OOPD 3.1 members. User will get the feedback in two different ways like Feedback as Buyer and Feedback as Seller. From here, user can see the his own auction list and can go to his own store. In addition, if a seller has an user id in the eBay site. Then using AJ Auction Pro - OOPD, buyer can view the feedbacks got by seller in eBay site.

Commission Management

The administrator can receive commissions in terms of transaction fee, listing fee,and other special fee like border,Highlights. The Commission will be collected when the items got sold in the market. Admin can set the commission fee for every auction type. Admin can set the commission percentage based on the final sale value of the item.

Weekly & Monthly Reports

The Administrator can view weekly and monthly status of all auction types i.e., Simple auction,Fixed auction,Dutch type auction, Lowest unique bid auction and Highest unique bid auction. Based on these reports he can derive inputs. AJ Auction Pro – OOPD provides you reports for every auction types in daily weekly and monthly basis. Admin can view the reports for every auction types, commissions, user management and so on. It makes Admin to get an idea of site easily and it provides reports like bar chart.

Business Intelligence

凤凰体育注册The various BI charts provide the site admin a brief input about that have the most sales and other similar generated reports that might be of use the administrator to make effective decisions. In the Dash board of Admin Panel, the BI Charts will be listed to know the statistics of site. The charts will be designed in graphical representation and looks more attractive. BI Charts helps you to get an idea about whole site easily.

Searching Auctions

凤凰体育注册Since many people do not have time to sit and browse through lists, AJ Auction Pro - OOPD provides comprehensive search functionality. Searching is powerful and flexible. Users can search with multiple keywords within a category that interest them or the entire auction database. Searches can even include all the active auctions posted by a particular user. AJ Auction Pro – OOPD makes it easy for visitors to find the items that interest them.

Featured Auctions

Customer can look for Featured auction displayed in the homepage of the auction site. For the items to come up on the featured list in, administrator has complete control over it. While posting the item, seller will select for item to be listed in featured auction. To be listed, seller must pay the listing fee and after completing the payment the item will get display in the featured section available in home page.

E-Mail Management

凤凰体育注册Mail Management helps Admin to enable the actions for sending mails to user for every activities. By default, we are providing 13 mail types like after sign up, after posting items, posting invoice, after won a bid, after loss a bid, after store published, reserve price met, when admin suspend a user, when dispute arises, after out bidden, after a buyer sent a question, password change, when items in watch list has been closed.

Hot Auctions

Hot Auctions is the list of auctions displayed in the Hot Listing area allocated in the homepage. So Admin has to set the criteria for displaying an auction under Hot Listing area. Admin can set the criteria based on the number of bids, its price, number of hot auctions to be displayed and so on. Admin can view the list of auctions to be displayed today, tomorrow and all in the Hot Listing.