Cake PHP

The promise of tomorrow lies in the technologies of today

凤凰体育注册Cake PHP's Open source framework has brought forward multitude of innovativeness meshed with simplicity and ease of use. Loads of features coupled with logic specific application building is what makes our Cake PHP development work stand out and shine.

Our consultative methodology means we provide the right solutions to meet your exact needs now, and in the future. With us you get the better than the best treatment, how? Read on…

We utilize Cake PHP's open features and incorporate the customizations required as per your specific needs. Cake PHP Components are packages of logic that are mutual between controllers. If you want to copy and paste things between controllers, you might consider wrapping some functionality in a component. Our skilled developers bring in this functionality with ease and panache thereby providing the necessary features.

Code – Structured and Hassle Free

Our methodology is easy – keep it simple! Our coding is well structured and well thought out. Programming logic is kept separate from design. You get innovative design with robust programming. We basically follow MVC (Model-View- Controller) design pattern which separates the application into three parts:

  • The Model represents the application data
  • The View renders a presentation of model data
  • The Controller handles and routes requests made by the client

With this approach, addition of new features becomes easy. It also allows developers and designers to work in cohesion with each other. Prototyping becomes rapid and changes in one part do not affect other. Thus, the entire process becomes extremely easy and straightforward.

Application Scaffolding – demystified!

Application scaffolding is a rough composition for application. We design the scaffolding first, start bulking the application out and then replace the scaffolding with our own code. This helps in detecting field sets and data types rapidly thereby making the application run in a short time.

Communication – smooth and easy!

You are the cornerstone of our existence. So helping you comes naturally to us. We have a well defined communication methodology. We give you links on our application called 'dashboard'. It serves as a complete platform for communication between the developer, the project manager and you. You can stay updated on the work being done on your project and can also give in your worthy inputs. Any queries are handled almost instantaneously and thereby sorted out. This way, problems do not linger on. Moreover you and the developer can set milestones which easily help both to keep a track of the progress made. Thus you can expect more with less amount of botheration.

凤凰体育注册We do not believe in reinventing the wheel. We give built in utilities and helpers which ease out the entire usage of the application. Moreover, the cost for you is much less, courtesy outsourcing! You gain all the way. Read our content on offshore hiring to know more about this.

Take a look at our cakePHP case studies to appreciate the quality which we bring to you. Better still fill the call me back form and we will reach you with a free consultation. Get a quote today , at the earliest.