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Start Your Own Cryptocurrency Exchange with Eifasoft Technologies

Setup your own white label Cryptocurrency exchange quickly. Or make your own cryptocurrency, or altcoin with our world-renowned software system. Since 2013, we've been providing exchanges with best software solutions on a worldwide scale. Various established bitcoin, cryptocurrency and commodity exchanges trust and use our software system凤凰体育注册 to run their business.

Eifasoft’s Exchange Software

Eifasoft Technologies provides a secure, versatile and entirely customizable white-label cryptocurrency exchange software system or Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform for businesses who would like to setup their own cryptocurrency exchange. Our exchange software provides a holistic result by which you can trade in more than 500 Cryptocurrencies, Fiat Currencies and Commodities like Gold, Silver etc. Or you can list your own Currencies. Eifasoft Technologies is a top reputed Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Company in India, We at Eifasoft Technologies also provides the best quality Cryptocurrency Exchange App for Android and IOS Platforms and Cryptocurrency Trading Scripts, Ready Made Exchange Software etc. And this is the only thing that helps you to launch a successful Cryptocurrency exchange.

Order Matching

凤凰体育注册Our software system's trade engine automatically matches orders between buyers and sellers for the most effective price available.

Integrated Wallet

Our exchange software system includes multi-currency wallets that permits you to simply implement many different cryptocurrencies. All cryptocurrency funds are completely secured via multisignature cold storage, which permits you to keep your crypto funds secured and stop any external access.

Liquidity/Full Order Book

Any exchange needs a full order book to attract traders. A full order book provides the specified liquidity to instantly purchase and sell cryptocurrencies with tight spreads. Eifasoft’s exchange software system provides many liquidity decisions to decide, from which ensures a full order book from the very 1st day your exchange launches.


Funds Management

All cryptocurrencies funds will be automatically managed by our integrated wallet software. Fiat funds such as Euro or US Dollar amounts can be manually controlled by the exchange operator or automated through the implementation of payment processing features and banking interfaces.

Any Currency

You can implement any currency into Eifasoft’s exchange software. From alternative cryptocurrencies such as Litecoin or Ethereum to fiat currencies such as Chinese RMB, or even your personal cryptocurrency, anything can be embedded into your exchange.

Any Language

Eifasoft’s exchange software system supports any language, even right-to-left writing systems like, Urdu, Arabic, Hebrew or Persian凤凰体育注册. You can implement multiple languages along as well.

Highly Rated

  • Highly Secure
  • Super Crafted
  • Customizable
  • Replicating Website

Salient Features

  • Years of Experience
  • Quality Software
  • Simplicity
  • After Sale Service

Various Incomes

  • Binary Income
  • Level Income
  • Sponsor / Direct Income
  • Single Leg Income

Agent Panel

  • Manage Downline
  • Genealogy Treeview
  • Commision Report
  • Downline List