Event Managament Portal

Our Event Management Portal is an advanced calendar and event management solution on MySQL backend that allows you to create, manage, customize and publish online events on-the-fly in a calendar via a web based admin control panel, the events can be added online and approved by admins or added by admins later.

It combines most features you'll find in today's high-end calendar event management scripts:
1. Easy as 'ABC' calendar event management.
2. Detailed event and calendar layout customization.
3. Built-In WYSIWYG HTML editor for editing layout templates.
凤凰体育注册 4. Numerous event and calendar publishing options.

You create unlimited event categories in out portal web based admin management console. You do not need to create or edit html template files offline then upload to your server. With our portal MySQL you simply login to your web based admin panel, create, customize and publish your events with a simple click.

The calendar and events can be displayed on your website in various ways, they can be seamlessly embed into your existing pages via SSI and JavaScript, and you can display them in a customizable sized popup window or simply as normal web page.

Either way, this calendar event management software is designed with the beginner in mind. After creating your event categories, you can simply retrieve the HTML link structure via the built-in link generator with just a click, and copy paste it onto your site to display the calendar or event view.

凤凰体育注册Experienced users appreciate the feature-rich and detailed template layout customization possibilities Mojo Calendar offers. You can even create a different set of templates for each event category.

Use above menu links to learn more about Mojo Calendar MySQL, how it can be customized to fit your specific needs and how it can help you to manage and organize events on your website.

Test our online demo to see different methods on how it can be integrated into your site.

If you have any questions about the functionality of the number one calendar and event management software, Mojo Calendar, its features and requirements, or if you would like to know how Mojo Calendar can help you to publish events on your site, contact us in LIVE CHAT or send us an email.

凤凰体育注册Mojo Calendar has a lot of features and tweaks that gives you full control of your calendar event management on your site completely web-based.

Mojo Calendar is a feature-rich calendar and event management system designed for beginners without any FTP and HTML knowledge as well as for the advanced webmaster.

Beginners find it extremely easy to create, edit and publish events on their site, while experienced webmasters take advantage on the numerous layout customization options Mojo Calendar provides to integrate the events according to their needs.

Let's list these features at a glance for your easy viewing:


  • Easy calendar and event management
  • Display a calendar with different categories of events to your website visitors.
  • Manage all your calendar entries using a web browser
  • Requires no knowledge of FTP or HTML, add events via the web-based admin panel and customize calendar layout templates via built-in HTML editor.
  • Allow visitors to add entries into your calendar
  • Public entries are held in approval area until admin approval, admin can modify/delete public calendar entries prior to approval.
  • Display date type according to your needs
  • Internationalization
  • Edit days and months in your language via the admin panel.
  • Admin groups and users
  • Create and manage admin groups and users, allocate different event categories to different groups of users.
  • Admin panel access
  • Global admin user has access to all functions in admin panel and admin groups to manage event categories and events.
  • Web-based WYSIWYG HTML editor
  • Edit calendar category page and content layout easily with your built-in HTML editor. No HTML knowledge needed to create professional looking calendar events.
  • Upload unlimited images
  • Upload an unlimited number of images from your admin panel and add unlimited images to your events using the built-in HTML editor. No FTP or HTML knowledge required.
  • Create and manage unlimited event categories
  • Setup unlimited event categories or just one.
  • Create new templates for individual event categories
  • this feature enables you to setup a different theme for each of your event categories according to your needs. Individualize your content!
  • Multiple event and calendar display options
  • call various events and categories in multiple ways on your pages. Call calendar or just category events individually via server side includes (SSI), direct links, popup windows, JavaScript include code.
  • Save time and work by updating your events web-based
  • FTP no longer required to manage your events, fully web-based.
  • Move events between categories
  • Accidentally placed an event into the wrong category and suddenly feel it's inappropriate? Just move the event to the desired category with a simple click.
  • Easy no-brainer event management
  • No difficult procedure to take to add event categories or events, just create the category, add events, then publish it to your visitors with a simple click, or make it look fancy using the built-in HTML editor.
  • Built-in link generator
  • Easily generate the HTML code for an integration of specific events and categories on your web site via server side includes (SSI), direct links, popup windows, JavaScript include code.
  • Web-based template file modification
  • The software is full template based, easily change the complete look and feel using your favorite web site editor OR edit HTML templates easily on-the-fly in your admin panel using the built-in HTML editor, no FTP needed.
  • Easy web based administration
  • the calendar and event management is complete web based and done through your browser.
  • UNIX and Windows server compatible
  • Mojo Calendar is designed to work on both UNIX and Windows server types, presuming the server fulfills the requirements to run the script.
  • Display your events on partner sites
  • Publish your events and event categories via JavaScript on your partner websites, become your own 'event' provider.