Flex Team

凤凰体育注册You can take interactivity of your website to the next level with rich Internet applications. eifasoft has a team of experts who can unleash the power of Flex. We can help your website break the limitations of the conventional user interface (UI) controls. eifasoft's Flex team can add various productivity features to your website. With a highly integrated development environment, we help you build a more robust site, with solid architecture. Once we have written the code, it can be deployed cross platform.

凤凰体育注册Your clients can now have a much more powerful set of controls. They do not need to refresh your website when they submit data. They can refresh only the relevant section of the page. There is better error handling. All these features will greatly enhance the user experience offered by your website.

Our team of Flex experts can also build reusable components, such as date pickers, charts and data grids. Moreover, while Flash cannot be indexed by search engine, the same in not the case with Flex. Your website will have no browser compatibility issues. Come to us if you'd like a reliable, predictable website that is highly user friendly and attractive.