SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Team

Everybody knows the importance of Search Engine Optimization and everybody wants to create SEO friendly websites. What most do not know is that Search Engine Optimization is much more than keyword density. Choosing the right keywords, making the site user friendly, placing keywords in the most appropriate places and getting back links are all part of SEO.

Thus, strategizing and project management play a crucial role for achieving a higher ranking in popular search engines. We, at eifasoft, have a highly qualified and experienced team that can offer you a comprehensive package, with a fully dedicated project manager. Our SEO team comprises of professionals with expertise in all things SEO.

  • A clutter-free design, which not only attracts visitors, but also search engine crawlers.
  • Hassle-free navigation, which makes things easier for your visitors as well as the internet bots.
  • Coding, that is clean and semantic so that crawlers may actually 'understand' it.
  • Content, which is not just informative and descriptive, but also keyword-rich to attract topical traffic.

SEO with Social Media

凤凰体育注册Social media is the way to go these days. With the skyrocketing popularity of social networking sites, such as Facebook and Twitter, having a presence in this space has become critical for companies trying to establish themselves online. However, social media involvement has to be tactical and systematic.

凤凰体育注册We understand the nuances of social media, both in terms of the technological implications and the behavior of netizens. Forming relationships, building your fan base and educating users about your products and business will help you enhance your brand image and make you more visible and available.

Thus, we use SEO to attract traffic to your website and we use social media to create returning visitors.