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Shuttle MLM Business Software or Hot Seat MLM Software
with EifaSoft Technologies

When it comes to deliver advanced technologies, EifaSoft Technologies comes to the fore. We develop exclusive kinds of software that includes Multi-Level Marketing|MLM Software. Like, every other Multi-Level-Marketing|MLM Plan, Shuttle MLM Plan also have extraordinary features that run many Network Marketing Companies and offering a chance for the cluster of people to draw maximum profit. The MLM plan is quite simple and transparent and this makes MLM company or networker able to explain the features of Shuttle MLM Plan easily to their new entrants who wish to join Shuttle MLM Business Plan.

Shuttle MLM Business Plan This business plan is slightly related to Single Leg Business Plan or Monoline Business Plan. This business Plan is thriving day by day in the field of MLM or Multilevel Marketing Sector. The main concept of Shuttle MLM Plan is to earn profit down line to a single leg. This business plan is the most advanced business plan in the field of MLM.

This is one of the best or you can call it one of the most advanced MLM Business Plans凤凰体育注册 which create a single line chain in which only single members are recruited. This is why it is called Shuttle or Mono Line Business Plan. The concept of this proposal could be easily understood by its name.

This MLM Business Plan creates the best platform for the new company to grow and develop their business services. EifaSoft Technologies is one of the best MLM Software Development Company which develops best Shuttle MLM Business Plan|Hot Seat MLM Plan software which is simple and easy to understand by the clients.

Attractive Design

We create awesome website designs form MLM companies, we create responsive design so it can be used in any devices without any trouble.


凤凰体育注册Each of our MLM Software integrated with an e-Wallet for managing funds like Working Wallet, Non Working Wallet, Payment Request Wallet etc.

e-Pin Generator

E-Pin is a code generated by MLM software which gives a safe distributor joining and more.


Data Security

Project works within a secured architecture and sense of security like captchas, Transaction Pin and we also manage the important code using higher level encryption.

SMS Integration

凤凰体育注册MLM software that integrates with SMS marketing assistance and allowing time to time notification to the customers.

Ecommerce Integration

Our MLM Software can be integrated with Ecommerce portal like marketplace, retail shopping etc.

From Hotseat

  • Open
  • A
  • B
  • C
  • D
  • E
  • F

To Hotseat

  • to A
  • to B
  • to C
  • to D
  • to E
  • to F
  • to G


  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
  • 6
  • 7


  • XXXXX Amount
  • XXXXX Amount
  • XXXXX Amount
  • XXXXX Amount
  • XXXXX Amount
  • XXXXX Amount
  • XXXXX Amount

Shuttle MLM Plan|Hot Seat MLM Plan is one of the incredible business compensations plans for earning money in network marketing business. This is one of the simplest business plan in comparison to others which returns network marketers凤凰体育注册 highest return on investment.

Because of having simple business structure this MLM Business Plan凤凰体育注册 is widely accepted all over the world. You will get one of the simplest concepts as the members who start this plan would be considered as the upline of the system.

One of the biggest advantages of Hot Seat MLM Plan is that every member working in the business organization will help you to get success in your life. The extraordinary things are that it goes in one straight-line and this is why it is being called Linear Leg Plan or Single Line MLM Plan or Single Leg Shuttle Plan with Binary, Single Line Shuttle Plan with Binary or you can call it Rejoining MLM Plan. or Rejoining MLM Plan with Binary

This plan gives you the financial freedom as there is no fixed depth in this plan but have a set width for the network marketers. It is the favorite business compensations plan for many people because in this there is no limit of members working in the plan. This is the main reason people select this plan mostly because its simplicity allows people to choose them mostly in comparison to others.

Binary MLM Plan Software

The MLM Binary Plan is a most popular plan among MLM companies, network marketers, part-timers and members who want to earn through MLM business.

Matrix MLM Plan Software

凤凰体育注册MLM Matrix Plan also known as ladder Plan or Forced Matrix Plan in Multi-level marketing companies which is similar to pyramid. Members which are organized in a particular width and depth are compensated when they achieve a set level.

Helping MLM Plan Software

Basically, this gift or help plan is a concept of give single and got multiple i.e. if you provide a single gift to a networker, you got multiple gifts from others.

Repurchase Plan Software

凤凰体育注册Multi-level marketing companies work on various plans in domestic and International MLM industry. Repurchase plan is one of most popular MLM plan for MLM companies whose main focus is on sale of products and services.

Mobile Recharge Plan Software

凤凰体育注册Any networker can join the MLM Company and the company will allot the agency to the MLM networker for recharge Mobile or DTH of others. When the affiliate or networker recharge the Mobile or DTH; company will credit their profit sharing ratio.

Bucket Help Plan Software

凤凰体育注册The MLM Company who wants to start their MLM business with bucket help plan, can introduced number of buckets as per their plan and also can set their helping criteria and our expert team of consultants can assist you to improve your business plan.

Board Plan Software

MLM Board Plan is called because a group of members works in a team (Board) and whenever a board consists a set number of members, the Board splits into two sub-trees. The top one member promoted into next higher board.

Donation Plan Software

凤凰体育注册The donation plan also known as help plan or gift plan or money order plan in MLM industry. Donation plans are running various International MLM companies and their MLM networkers.

Uni-Level MLM Plan Software

凤凰体育注册One important thing with this MLM Uni level Plan is its simplicity; so that the MLM networker or company can explain Unilevel plan easily to their new comers who willing to join MLM business.

Australian Binary Plan Software

The Australian Binary MLM Plan is a concept where left and right sub-tree along with the third sub-tree from where no matching pairs required for compensation. In other words, Australian Binary Plan needed at least three downline child members under a one introducer parent.

Stair Step Plan Software

It is a simple plans for the distributors who are new for MLM business. Every step is based on a certain volume of sales target. If a distributor or networker achieve the set target he/she will promoted for the next higher level. The Stair-Step compensation plan gives huge incentives for distributors to achieve the set target.

All MLM Plans Software

MLM industry works on various plans and concepts to sale products or services by team efforts. We can Develop software for any kind of plan in MLM Inductry, Our team is ready for implement your ideas and new MLM concepts into MLM Software.

Scheme Management

  • FD,RD,DD,MIP,BOND Creation
  • Penalty Provision
  • Normal Roi, Special Roi Provision
  • Grace Period Setting
  • Scheme Wise Irregular management.
  • Amount Multiple off.
  • Activation & Deactivation of Schemes
  • Minimum Amount Condition.
  • Scheme Wise Prematurity management.
  • Edit Option for Scheme
  • Scheme List Report Plan Wise
  • Loan against Deposit.
  • RD Multiple Mode facility (Like Monthly, Quarterly, Half yearly, Yearly)
  • Discount Facility on Quarterly, Half yearly, Yearly submission of installment
  • Credit business Provision (Mostly Used in Agent Promotion)
  • ROI compounding facility (Like Monthly, Quarterly, Half yearly, Yearly)

Member / Agent Management

  • Members Registration
  • Members Approval
  • Members Edit Registration
  • Members Report
  • Member Complete Summary Report
  • Members Photo, Signature, Id Proof, Address Proof Upload
  • Edit Agent Registration
  • Agent Registration
  • Deleted Policy Record
  • Agent Approval
  • Agent List By Post
  • Agent Down line
  • Commission Information scheme wise
  • Agent Up line
  • Member to Agent Creation
  • Direct Installment
  • Agent Promotion Date wise
  • Update Designation
  • Agent Promotion (Manual, Auto)
  • Direct Policy
  • Agent Promotion History
  • Down Line Policy
  • Down line Installment
  • Agent Report
  • Due Promotion Report

SMS Management

  • Id Wise Sms
  • Down line Wise Sms
  • Non pan card holder Sms
  • Scheme wise Sms
  • City /State wise Sms
  • Registration Sms
  • Non bank detail holders sms
  • Birthday Sms
  • Group Master
  • Add new Contact
  • Loan Wise Sms
  • Other Sms

Transaction Management

  • Fixed Deposit
  • Daily Policy
  • MIP Policy
  • Bond Policy
  • IR-Regularity Management
  • Approve Policy
  • Approve Installment Receipt
  • Installment Receipt
  • Pre Maturity Management
  • New RDP Policy (With Mode Selection Facility Monthly/ Quarterly/Half yearly/ Yearly)

Payment Processing

  • Policy Maturity Payment Branch Wise
  • Agent Commission Payout
  • Issue Cheque (Cash,Cheque,Transfer to Saving A/c)
  • Paid Payment report
  • Agent Wise Commission
  • Month Wise Commission
  • Policy Wise Commission
  • Wallet Dashboard
  • Paid MIP Payment Report
  • MIP Policy Payment(Cash,Cheque,Transfer to Saving A/c)

Login Panel

  • Admin Panel
  • Branch/Staff Panel
  • Company Website

Full MIS Reports

  • RD Installment Report
  • Policy List
  • Due RD Installment Report
  • Daily Collection Report
  • Receipt Information
  • User Tracking Report
  • Complete Policy Information

Saving Account Management

  • Saving Account Master
  • New Saving Account
  • Saving Account Report
  • Saving Account Summary
  • Transaction Saving Account
  • Cheque Management
  • Saving Account Statement
  • Balance Information
  • Saving Account Edit ( only in Joint Account)
  • Issue Cheque Book
  • Cheque Book Report
  • Account Statement
  • Saving Account Penalty
  • Saving Account Interest
  • Deactivate Saving Account's
  • Saving A/c Penalty Report
  • Saving A/c Interest Report

Share Management

  • Share Master
  • Share Report
  • Share Master
  • Share Report

Printing Support

  • Policy Certificate Print
  • Cash Receipt Print
  • Passbook Reprint Setup ( RD, Saving)
  • Passbook Print Setup
  • Statement Print (RD, DD)
  • Default, Customized Print

Operator Management

  • Branch Master (N Numbers of Branch Creation Facility)
  • Backup data
  • Manage Back Date & Future Date Entries
  • Fetch password
  • Manage Agent & Members Ship Fees
  • State City Master
  • Designation Master
  • Region Master
  • Designation Role, & there Rights
  • Branch Staff (N Numbers of Staff Creation Facility With Page Rights)

Loan Account Management

  • Loan Master
  • New Loan
  • Approve Loan
  • Loan List
  • Due Loan Installment
  • Loan Issue Cheque
  • Loan Penalty Report
  • Loan Installment
  • Loan Installment Approval
  • Loan Closing
  • Loan Installment Report
  • Loan Statement
  • Loan Installment Print